Submissions Calendar

This calendar shows the opening dates of reading periods for journals and prizes. Unless otherwise noted, each journal listed accepts simultaneous and electronic submissions. A list of journals with year-round reading periods can be found below the calendar.

Note: if there are more than 20 reading periods opening on one day, then you will have to click “Agenda” at the top right of the calendar in order to view them all. If you are viewing the calendar on a phone, then you will have to switch to landscape mode.

This is an ongoing project, and will be updated regularly. If you would like me to add a journal or a prize to the calendar, or if you find any dates that are incorrect, please contact me here.


The following journals accept submissions year-round:

32 poems ($3)

Able Muse (free)

The American Poetry Review ($3)

Apercus (free)

The Baffler (free)

Blue Earth Review (free)

Briar Cliff Review ($3)

The Café Review (post only)

Canary (free)

The Cape Rock (free)

Cimarron Review (free)

The Coachella Review (free)

Collateral Journal (free)

Conduit ($3)

Construction (free)

The Continental Review (free) (video poetry)

Cosmonauts Avenue (free)

Crab Fat Magazine (free)

Diode (free)

Dream Pop (press and journal) (free)

Empty Mirror (free)

Enizagram (free)

Foundry (free)

Glass: A Journal of Poetry (free)

Green Mountains Review ($3)

The Greensboro Review ($2)

Hanging Loose Press (post only)

Honey Bee Review (free)

Identity Theory (free)

The Indianapolis Review (free)

Indicia (free)

Infinite Rust (free)

Jarfly (free)

Josephine Quarterly (free)

Juxtaprose ($3)

Kahini Magazine (free)

Kartika Review (free)

The Lake (free)

Lake Effect (free)

Lascaux Review (free)

Leveler (free)

Linden Avenue (free)

Little River Lit Mag (free)

little tell (free)

Louisiana Literature (free)

Main Street Rag ($2.50 – $3.50)

Make Literary Magazine (free)

The Malahat Reiew (free)

Mantra Review (free)

The Manhattan Review (post only)

Matter Monthly (free)

Maudlin House Review (free)

The Missouri Review ($3.50)

Mizna (free)

Moko Magazine (free)

Moon City Review (free)

Mortar Magazine (free)

Nerve Cowboy (post only)

The New Verse News (free) (no simultaneous)

Night Music Journal (free)

The Offing (free)

Oxidant | Engine (free)

The Paris American (free)

The Paris Review (post only)

The Pinch ($3)

POETRY (free)

The Poetry Review (UK)

Poets Reading the News (free)

Prism ($3)

Raritan Quarterly (post only)

Redivider ($3)

Silk Road ($2)

Sixth Finch (free)

Smartish Pace (free)

Southeast Review ($3)

Southern Poetry Review (free)

Street Light Press (free)

Stirring (free)

Storm Cellar (free)

The Summerset Review (free)

The Sun (free)

TAB (free)

Tipton Poetry Review (free)

Thrush (free)

Transition Magazine (free)

Valparaiso Poetry Review (free)

A Velvet Giant (free)

Wildness (free)

World Literature Today (free)

Yale Review (post only)

Yalobusha Review (free)