Some of my poems can be found in the following journals and anthologies:

The Account: “Manifest” and “Damages” 

Barrow Street: “Summer’s Passage” (print) (winter 2018/19)

Blood Orange Review: “Light Pierces Surface of Water, Also Shimmers” 

Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review: “The New Prosperity” (print)

Cascadia Rising Review: “Choke”

Colorado Review: “Everything Has a Face” (print)

Crab Creek Review: “The Debt,” “Genealogy,” and “Still”  

Epiphany Magazine: “Skin” (print)

Faultline: “Mass” (print)

Fugue: “Lazy Sunday” (print)

Get Lit! 20th Anniversary Anthology: “Compulsory” and “We Prepared Well for Your Arrival” (print)

The Gettysburg Review: “Home Made of Fire” (print)

Hair of the Dog: An Anthology: “April” and “Foolish Child” (print)

Heart of the Rat: An Anthology: “From Nothing” (print and radio)

The Meadow: “Hunger” (earlier version of “Compulsory”)

The Missouri Review: “We Prepared Well for Your Arrival” 

Railtown Almanac: “Breach” and “Celebration in the Room of Broken Light” (print)

Redactions: Poetry and Poetics: “This Time of Year” and “Elegy for Suicidal Ideation” (print)

Spillway: “Speaking to the Breeze” (print)

Stirring: “Self Portrait as Accident” and “Sermon”

The Summerset Review: “Contentedness”

Third Coast: “Consumption” and “Intervened Upon” (print)

Towers and Dungeons: Lilac City Fairy Tales Vol. 4: “Self Portrait as Accident” and “Manifest” (print)

TrishHopkinson.com: “Overcoming the Competition”  (prose)

Whiskey Island: “At Twenty-Two” (print)

Yalobusha Review: “Condition Stable,” “Facts About the Train,” and “Hospitality Mandates for the Modern Host”